Schools have two important systems that operate simultaneously, but require different skill-sets and information namely administration and academic. While rules for schools are outlined in government resolutions & publications, there are areas that must be defined by schools themselves. The Department of HR helps schools with:

1. Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

Navigating the school system can be difficult for parents and students unless guidelines and expectations are collated and communicated. This also applies for school staff regarding policies that schools need to develop. HR can help with identifying areas where policies are needed, guide Management and School Heads to formalize them, and communicate its intention and implementation to relevant stake holders.

2. Developing handbooks/ manuals:

School systems have a wide variety of roles, applicable to staff with a diverse qualification. Defining these roles and their constituent responsibilities can help employees understand the scope of their work and the specific tasks they must undertake. When employees are clear about their job, their performance quality improves, as well as their job satisfaction. HR can help define roles, responsibilities and procedures, and put them together in the form of handbooks/ manuals.

In addition, schools have a number of student activities and events whose procedures need clear plans and guidelines.

3. Documentation:

A school system is a complicated network of interactions. A lot is seen as informal and much works on goodwill and understanding. However, for the continuity and sustainability of processes and practices, a documentation plan becomes essential. For example, employee appraisals can be conducted cursorily or they can be customized to the specific nature of the role, within the framework provided by authorities. A good documentation system contributes to fair assessment of work quality, provides data for growth, and makes the people and systems accountable. HR can provide support towards developing an effective documentation system.

4. Training:

Once the system is set in place, the operators and users need to learn how to implement it.This requires understanding at 2 levels:

(i) The Attitude: Blindly applying rules dehumanizes the system. A school needs to necessarily be sensitive and consider individual differences.

(ii) The Procedure: Interpreting policies and guidelines, handling documents and inquiries, as well as coordinating with other units of the school is extremely important. HR provides training for employees at all levels, as well as for parents and students.