Programme Topic: 'Raising Compassionate Children' conducted by Psychologist - Ms. Sarbani Bhattacharya

The session was informative in helping to understand how it is equally important to raise a child who is not only academically sound but is also in tune with the human aspect of life. It helped bring about in me what changes, what additional behaviour changes in me should come about which will breed the similar behaviour in my child.

- Mr. Fernandes

Firstly I would like to thank the speakers for such a value based session and refreshing every parent's mind, who must be already aware of such situations or circumstances in life, but which may not be focussed on much or probably just kept silent on. These sessions are really helpful, informative and an eye opener for everyone. I personally thank the teachers and the management for organising such value added sessions for parents which will help us polish, and take care of our children in a brilliant manner. I take away a lot today with me. Thank you very much.

- Ms. Cheryl Machado


The session was very well delivered and touched every aspect of children's behaviour and how as a parent, we should handle it in the right manner. As a parent I learned about how to manage my child and how I can understand their behaviour, and how to make them understand the way to become a better child. I have learned how to make sure that I am able to give a proper teaching to them and make them responsible citizens of this country. Thank you very much for this very useful session and making us all learn.

- Mr. Harshal Vaity

First of all I really appreciate that you have conducted such an eye opening seminar for us. In today's world we as parent somewhere take for granted so many things for our children. Now we should try and avoid doing so and make our children a human being in true sense. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. This programme is really appreciated. Thank you!

- Ms. Aarti Haresh Jadhav

The session was really very interactive and I liked the full presentation and thought process behind today’s whole seminar. I do personally feel that I have learned some positive points from today’s programme.

- Mr. Prasad Patil

I would like to thank you for conducting such a nice and informative session for parents. This programme will really encourage all parents to raise their children to be a good human being, which is the most important thing.

- Mr. Sujay Gawade


The workshop was very much related to our daily life and behaviour with our children. As parents we got to understand our mistakes. It helped me to understand that my child is the reflection of my family and if I want him to be in certain way, then I have to behave like that today for his future.

- Ms. Divya Mamtora

Very informative workshop. Please continue educating the parents to make their child a better human being.

- Mr. Amit Kapadia

Excellent workshop. It was very informative. So much positivity I got from this workshop.

- Ms. Garima Kapadia

Excellent workshop! The topic chosen was very well thought of. The content and presentation was excellent. I liked the examples given to explain the concept. Conductor made it very simple to understand. Thank you very much!

- Ms. Vishwa Muley

It was a very useful and informative workshop. I am sure it will help me as a parent to raise my child as a compassionate child. It made me understand that we need to focus not only on education part of our child, but we need to focus on values, emotions and humanity to make a better world for all of us.

- Ms. Bharti Karkera

The workshop was very good. Every point was explained in a nice way. It was very helpful. I want the school to keep more such workshops in future. I enjoyed the session very much. Thank you for the wonderful session.

- Ms. Anushree Venugopal

Wonderful workshop! Like the kids, we parents also require repetitive session of such informative sessions to add quality in our child’s life. Being parents, we are the most influential point in the children's life. We as parents must ensure that our child is rest assured that any problem /situation they face, they can discuss freely with parents.

- Mr. Raj R. Parmar

Today's session was very beautiful. It helped us to learn more about our child, how to treat them and how to be with them. This kind of workshop should be held in every school, whether it is aided school or non aided school. It gives parents a wide perspective on parenting.

- Mr. Rahul Mishra