Programme Topic: 'Together for Child Safety' conducted by Psychologist - Ms. Sarbani Bhattacharya

Everything was helpful and very interactive; learned a lot of new ideas on how to deal with students issues. It helped me to understand that every child’s needs are different and they need to be treated differently.

- Ms. Sehi Nadar


A very good session that puts light on child abuse scenario in our society. An eye opener to most of us, and to know about the most compelling problem in our society. I learned that child abuse is more than what meets our eye. The society as a whole has to work towards stopping the child abuse and we will do our best to stop it.

- Mr. Kannan G.


First of all, great job done by the school. I got to know a lot about child abuse. Workshop helped me to understand the child’s psychological state after being abused, which we were not aware. I learned how in different ways a child is abused, and how to create an atmosphere where a child can openly communicate.

- Ms. Radha Nayak


It was great listening to this session, which is currently a big concern for every parent to keep their children safe. I learned what steps we have to take to keep our child safe; how to deal with children when they are abused. As a parent, what is my responsibility to keep my child safe.

- Ms. Subhalakshmy

Very informative; should be a part of education in all institutions. Children too can be made a part of this program. Child abuse needs to be discussed openly to create awareness amongst all strata of the society to bring down occurrence rates across.

- Mr. Sukesh M. Shetty

Workshop was very informative and helpful. I learnt today that child safety is a right that every child should enjoy. We have responsibility to report and abuse even if it does not happen to our own kid.

- Mr. Vipin Naik


It’s a very fruitful workshop. We got to know how to induct our children to take care of themselves in regard to abuse; I learnt about what steps to take if any child is abused with the help of POCSO. This sort of workshop should be conducted time to time.

- Mr. Ramrakhi Bothra

One of the best workshops I attended. Definitely learned a lot as a parent. I learned more about better parenting, to be more open with children, and ensuring that child learns about his own safety and equip him for their own safety.

- Ms. Neha Passi

It was worth attending this seminar. I really liked it a lot. I didn’t think that this seminar would be so interesting and full of knowledge.

- Ms. Madhavi Armarkar

The workshop was very much helpful and informative. It also made me aware of a lot of things which should not be ignored in day to day life related to our own as well as other children. I learnt how to ensure that our child is safe and why they should be made comfortable while interacting with us and also learnt about the laws related to child abuse.

- Ms. Archana Sharma

It was an eye opener for me. Great initiative from school.

- Ms. Nasim Khan


It was excellent, wonderful and helpful. I came to know many things which I was not aware of. The knowledge imparted was life saving knowledge. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Ms. Shahin A. Shaikh

First I take this opportunity to thank you so much for inviting parents for POCSO session. It is very important awareness for parents to have.

- Mr. Walliullah Mohd. Khaja

It was very informative; gave me the psychological know-how to handle children when abused. I learned that it is important to keep checking objectively how good a parent one is and create a platform for children wherein they are comfortable to share everything with their parents.

- Ms. Azra Ali

This workshop was really helpful. It was well organised. Speaker chosen was really good. The information given was in easy language and understandable. Through the session I learned about child’s right and the laws that have come into existence.

- Ms. Asma Khan



The workshop is awesome and I appreciate the effort taken by the staff to make us understand about the law and safety of the child. Today’s session helped us understand how precious our child is. Always to handle our child with care.

- Mr. Dinesh Bhosle

It was very helpful which made us realise where we are going wrong to understand child’s need. I am sure I am going to improve myself and my behaviour towards my child and his safety. I will spend my time whenever possible to listen to him. I will be more positive and less aggressive.

- Ms. Bharati Bhosle

The workshop was excellent. Child safety is a must-needed seminar these days. I am quite satisfied with the child safety program. I came to know so many different things. The way you explained each and every word in detail was very good.

- Ms. Anushree Venugopal

The workshop is really nice. We are happy that our children are studying in this school where safety is major concern.

- Ms. Khushi Jogi

Loved the workshop! Just want to say why this workshop is limited only for school parents? Kindly allow one or two adults along with parents from outside school to attend so that even they can be educated regarding this. Consider if possible.

- Ms. Vibhuti Ajith

This is a wonderful session and appreciate that the school has taken initiative to teach and help parents know about Prevention Of Child Sexual Offence.

- Ms. Shrinidhi Parab

Informative. Many points came to mind which were neglected by us many a times. Thank you so much!! This session made me understand how much communicating to the child is necessary and important. Making them aware is more better than scaring them or restricting them.

- Ms. Swathy Podewal

Good interactive session, a good exposure of what as a parent we are doing wrong and where are we missing out and how to improve. I learned that I can build a much better rapport with my child and build a trust in him that I am always  available to him no matter what.

- Mr. Thorum Shah

Each and every aspect of the topic was covered very well and in detail. It was explained in a very easy way and in simple language. The session helped to understand the child in every aspect and to know the every minute details of it. Thank you so much for giving us such wonderful information.

- Ms. Neha Shah

Too good! I really liked it. I regret that I didn’t bring my husband to this session. Session was very helpful. I am proud to be part of this school.

- Ms. Bharti Karkera

Workshop really helped us to learn about child abuse in detail - it gave us new perspective. This workshop helped us to understand how to protect our children in many ways and how to avoid exposing children in hazardous environment.

- Mr. Viral Vakilna