Topic: 'Making Anger Disappear'

Conducted by - Ms. Sanika Naik and Ms. Marilyn Fialho
Participants: Students of Class 4

I got the confidence of saying sorry and also learnt forgiving another person.

- Gauri Gosavi

I liked the ground rules which were set in the class and the way miss taught us. The activities were enjoyable and very helpful.

- Khushi Doshi

I liked the explanation given in the workshop about anger . It was explained in detail which can be helpful for me in future. The presentation made was also very good.

- Jihan Choksi

I liked the workshop; it gave me confidence and the power to control my anger.

- Riddhi Bhatt

I liked that the teachers made us play games and through that they explained us about anger and what to do with it. It was a very helpful session.

- Kriti Yadav

I liked how both teachers taught me and also gave useful tips to control my anger and emotions. I enjoyed learning many things.

- Grace Reji

I liked the workshop and now I have learnt how to control and handle my anger.

- Avika Kevat

I liked the puppet show and the teaching methods used in this workshop.

- Naziya Shaikh

I liked how the teachers explained us ‘How to manage our anger’ and also I had fun with the drawing and other activities conducted . I had a fun time with Sarbani and Marilyn miss.

- Yash Joshi