Topic: 'Lead the way, A workshop on leadership'.
Conducted by - Ms. Mannika Kandhari, Ms. Marilyn Fialho, Ms. Sanika Naik.
Participants: Student Council team of Saint Francis D'Assisi High School, Borivali (W)


I’ve learnt the importance of good communication, co-ordination, team work and giving a listening ear to the person who faces problems. I’ve learnt it’s never ‘I’ who looks into a problem or is the cause. It’s we in every situation and that it’s important to understand and accept others’ views. And always be positive when you approach a person with the negative attitude. We must try to encourage people instead of pointing them and telling you can’t, you won’t and always be a person who is approachable.

-Roseanne, class 8


I have learnt that in order to create and build trust, I need to be approachable, amiable and always ready to help. Also, the real life situation that was given to us really helped me to react in real life. Wonderful session in total, a new experience for me altogether. The four points that were given, I will always remember them and try to be a good member of the student council. The way of making us understand about these values was truly fun and informative. I have got to know about my council so well and I’m really grateful about that. It was an eye-opening session. I will never forget this experience.

-Jhankruti Raghav, class 8



From this workshop, I learnt that teamwork and communication is very important. I also learnt that a leader should lead by example and always be present for his fellow students. We have to be a good listener and interact with all the students.

-Samay Mundra, class 9


I had a great time with you all teaching me how to improve my leadership skills. I truly learnt a good lesson about leadership today. I liked all the activities and the fun things that we did today, it was truly enjoyable. It was the best when everybody came and wrote on my plate. I really liked how you explained the trust battery concept. I really enjoyed the day with you all. I hope you all come back again. Thank you!!

-Darren D’souza, class 6