Topic: 'Inside-Out, A circle of empathy'.
Conducted by - Ms. Mannika Kandhari, Ms. Sanika Naik, Ms. Marilyn Fialho, Ms. Shyama Govindan, Ms. Sarbani Bhattacharya
Participants: Students of Class 4


I liked that different feelings were discussed. I learnt that we should help others and colour our world.

-Fatima Mistry


The session was very good and full of activities. We learned about emotions and how to put band-aid on the heart, I will never forget this interesting session.

-Nirmeet Khandekar

Today’s session was good and wonderful. I liked it and the games and the drawings were the best part. It gave us many good thoughts and how to understand others. It was on a good topic- emotions. The teachers also taught well.

-Manya Poojary

In this session, I learnt how people feel emotions by an example of a band-aid, and how to make others happy when they are sad. And we discussed about different kinds of emotions. This was an interesting class.

-Aaradhya Palekar


I enjoyed the session very much. I came to know that we should always think about others and our own self. If anyone is sad we should play or do something interesting. I learnt that we should be empathetic towards others. It was fun to come for this workshop. All the activities aware fun and I enjoyed a lot. Thank you very much.

-Swara Sabnis

I liked the workshop, it was wonderful and I learned to manage my feelings and when to express my feelings.

-Umika Kadam

I learned that everyone has the right to express and no one’s feeling is wrong.

-Nirmohi Shivadekar


Today I learned about my feelings and others’ feelings. We discussed about how and where we feel our emotions and I had a lot of fun.

- Heer Parmar


Today’s session was completely amazing and awesome. I want you conduct more classes and to understand about everybody. Thank you for conducting such a beautiful class with activities, games and learning.

- Riti Bumb


Today’s session was very enjoyable and meaningful. We learnt about how to understand our own feelings which helped us understand others’ feelings too. It taught us how to make our world a colourful one. I enjoyed a lot and learned through these activities some lesson.

- Hannah D’souza