Programme Topic: 'Healthy Communication' conducted by Psychologist - Ms. Sarbani Bhattacharya
Participants: Parents of Class 10 students

What Parents Say...

Very good session; helped in building healthy relationship between parent and child.

- Mr. Mahendra Jhaveri


Very very nice topic covered during the session about parent and student healthy relationship. It will definitely help us to give student responsibility with freedom.

- Mr. Ramchandra Walavalkar


Very nice workshop. It was informative and helpful. It was a good assessment exercise for us. It gave me a chance to know where our relationship stands as mother and son.

- Ms. Anjali Naik


It was a very nice workshop. Got to know a lot about our relationship. Learnt about do’s and don’ts while dealing with our children. Will definitely help us build a wonderful relationship with our child.

- Ms. Seema Bhatt

Really I liked the workshop. It is necessary to understand the children during the teenage years. I thank the conductor for guiding with the right way to handle children. Please do this workshop again at least once in 6 months.

- Ms. Deepashree Koli

What Students Say...

The workshop helped us create a different bond with our parents. I learned that a parent can never be a friend and there is a way to communicate with our parents and that will contribute to make a healthy family.

- Ms. Tanvi Sthalekar


The workshop was amazing. I really liked the activities conducted. I learnt that whatever our parents do is for a reason and we need to understand each other’s situation and emotion.

- Mast. Sanjeev Chauhan


The workshop was a great chance to introspect on my relation with my parents. It definitely was interactive, fun and helpful. I learnt that being a family member, I should be responsible and caring enough towards my parents. Effective communication is an important topic I learnt.

- Mast. Yogendra Shukla


It was a relation bonding session and a very well-presented workshop. Kudos to the school and to ‘Anubhuti’ for organising a fantastic workshop. In today’s world, especially for teenagers, it isn’t easy to chose between friends and parents. This workshop helped us to find a solution to this dilemma.

- Mast. Dhruv Kamath

It was a very helpful workshop and it was helpful to us to understand how to build a healthy relationship with our parents. Workshop helped to understand that we should share with our parents regarding whatever we do and a parent-child relationship should be an open communicative relationship.

- Mast. Shreyas Mahandra