Programme Topic: 'Empowered Women' conducted by Psychologist - Ms. Sarbani Bhattacharya

It’s been a wonderful informative and encouraging workshop. We enjoyed every bit of it. Such workshops should be held often so that we as women realise how important we are to ourselves and how important it is to enjoy the precious life.
- Ms. Shrestha Kote

Honestly speaking most of us know what we discussed in the workshop today, but at regular intervals we need it being pointed out – being shaken from the knowledge and thoughts buried deep inside. This kind of workshop just boosts the hidden thoughts to come out and reconstruct the life, way of thinking and many more things. With time we just take things for granted, but a little seed with new ideas sometimes just reawaken long dormant wishes or desires. It helped to meet ourselves once more.
- Ms. Krishna Tushar

Excellent workshop. I always enjoy and learn many things from BCG workshops; it has helped me in the way I look at my life and challenges. I have realised the importance of myself and my happiness. This workshop opened up many things in my life and how I should live my life with dignity and with high self esteem. Thank you BCG for arranging wonderful workshop like this.
- Ms. Namrata Bhavsar

This is the first time I have attended such workshop and I cannot believe it was such a wonderful experience of my life. I have learned a lot of things and the way you explained was simple and beautiful. Thank you very much!
- Ms. Harsha Patel

Very insightful session on self belief. Good orator and speaker. Attending today’s session was very refreshing. It has helped us to rethink ourselves as individuals instead of being someone’s mother, daughter wife etc. We are someone! Thanks! For a wonderful time today.
- Ms. Shreya Kotian

It was a very good session indeed! There was nothing we did not know but when you go through such workshops, we get to know views of other people and few things gets underlined once again. Thanks a lot for making me realise that I am important.
- Ms. Chetna Jaywant

Hi! Though I am an emotionally independent person I never thought on these lines before. I am generally a happy go lucky person. I felt lucky and happy to attend this woman empowerment workshop and discussing all the emotional and cognitive issues here and listening to other ladies, and their views. Thank you for organising this workshop.
- Ms. Supriya Sagare

I am very happy with this workshop. I understand how we have to love ourselves. And some important things I never knew. After this workshop I can implement things that I never done for myself.
- Ms. Shweta Modi

Thank you so much for the wonderful session. It gave a lot of positive outlook about life for women and made us realise about the small things we tend to overlook. Thank you once again.
- Ms. Rajitha P. Nair

I liked this workshop because it’s all related to me. I came to know so many things which I don’t know and definitely I will work on it, especially physical wellbeing which I avoid most of the time. I really appreciate your efforts once again.
- Ms. Chaitali

Excellent workshop!! It touched upon the omnipresent issue of self worth of a woman. Very well presented and touched all aspects of the topic with good activities thrown in. The presenter was great and made it a truly interactive session. Thanks for the experience!!
- Ms. Uma Naik

I am really feeling great attending this workshop. I think at this stage and time of my life, I really needed something like this. It is definitely going to help me in my life from today to make me happy. I am happy to be here.
- Ms. Prajakta Shinde

It is too good; worth it to attend this session. It will be very useful in my future, not only for me but for my family as well. If I feel happy about myself I will make people feel happy around me. I learned that if I don’t value myself, nobody is going to value me. Now I feel very proud of myself.
- Ms. Rajni Wadher