Ms. Achama Mathew

The Chief Education Officer (CEO) for the Bombay Cambridge Gurukul schools is Ms. Achama M. An expert in the critical area of how children learn, she has designed and established a learning-friendly and age-appropriate curriculum plan for the Gurukul. She is a professional teacher trainer and special educator. She has been appreciated for her presentations, lectures and workshops on teaching methodology, curriculum planning and design as well as for handling students with special needs and developmental counselling. She guides the Principals for curricular insights, student activity and teacher management. She is well-known in professional circles for her contribution to the education of students with special needs, particularly those with Autism and Learning Disability.

Central Academic Committees:

The CEO guides the instructional design and material for the curriculum in BCG.The CAC quorum consists of the CEO and the Heads, who plan and evaluate the curriculum practices and procedures in the BCG schools, and upgrade them continually.

Glimpses of training for 'Global Perspectives' - A new subject introduced in BCG