(Counseling and Remedial Education Services)

The diversity of learners’ in any school setting challenges policy makers, teachers and others to provide education that can respond to it suitably. We have to remove all barriers to participation, learning and achievement, and promote inclusion and equal opportunity. The C.A.R.E. (Counselling and Remedial Education) service for students is our commitment to child rights, and to the belief that every child matters.
As the world becomes more complex, the urgency to provide focused guidance in personal behaviour, specialized assistance for choosing careers, and professional attention for issues of emotional and social adjustment will be of paramount importance. The CARE Centre works together with teachers and parents to increase opportunities for success in the lives of all learners.  These professionals use their expertise to support students to achieve academic success, psychological health, and social and emotional wellbeing.

Counselling:  Trained Psychologists, experts in diagnosis and therapeutic interventions, help students facing adjustment difficulties and behavioural challenges. They guide and empower students, along with parents and teachers to manage behaviour successfully. They provide opportunity for individualized aptitude assessments and exposure to professionals from a diversity of fields.To help students deal with the aftermath of the pandemic,the counsellors introduced SELC and single-session therapy.

Remedial Education: Trained Special Educators provide assistance, intervention and support programmes for students with learning challenges.  They identify, analyze and remediate students with a variety of clinical difficulties and coordinate provisions for them at school and at the Board examination.

The CARE professionals provide consults and training programmes for other professionals in School Mental Health services to enrich the field with their experience and best practices. Healthy exchange of ideas and views promotes a child sensitive social condition that is essential for the development of responsible communities.