Topic: 'Building Resilience'

Conducted by - Ms. Mannika Kandhari, Ms. Sanika Naik, Ms. Sarbani Bhattacharya and Ms. Shyama Govindan
Participants: Students of Class 6 and 7

I liked the way the teacher taught us how to remove stress. I liked the ‘mantras’ given for removing stress…I learnt that just because we failed in achieving something, we should not stop trying. I also learnt that just because one person doesn’t like me it doesn’t mean that I’m not a good girl.

- Anaaya Mone

We got to know how to handle problems. We need to be resilient more than intelligent.

- Janhvi Iyer

I learnt how to face stress and that we should not give up. Stress comes in everyone’s life. There is no one who doesn’t face stress. Try and try but don’t cry!

- Pari mestry

Today’s workshop was superb. I had never been resilient ever but now onwards I will be. I understood that being resilient is the most important thing in our life. I learnt that we should never give up. I liked the way the teacher explained each and everything.

Hiya Bhansali

I liked how the teacher enthusiastically taught us about resilience. I enjoyed participating in the discussions and activities. Today’s session helped me understand that we should never lose hope or give up. We should solve our problems and bounce back.

Romir Naik

The workshop was wonderful. It helped me understand that you don’t always need to be perfect. Mistakes are made by everyone. You just need to recover from them quickly. Today’s session helped me understand that being resilient helps.

Divya talekar 

I learned how I can solve my problems, be perseverant and create positive thoughts. Being resilient is not difficult, we should face our problems.

Rutvi shah

I got to learn how to get out of any difficult situation, which was very interesting. Today’s session helped me understand that we should never give up and keep trying- this would help me to achieve success.

Khushi Satra

I had an amazing experience. I shared my opinions and ideas- I thoroughly enjoyed it. The teachers expressed the topic very nicely.
I learned that we should never give up, we should ask for help. We should be a resilient child. We should try & try till we succeed was the message given by both the teachers.

Arya Pillai

What I liked that this workshop was about resilience in which I shouldn’t give up and should be inspired by our role model whom we admire.
Today’s session helped me understand that every problem has a solution if you think about it patiently and with a calm mind, it becomes more easier when I use the PHARM mantra

Sidhi Hadkar

I enjoyed the activities. I liked the way it was made easy for us to remember the topic through the word ‘SHARP’.
I learnt to be resilient and should never lose hope , search for solutions and keep clam.

Purva Patil

It helped me understand new things like ‘SHARP’. It helped me overcome problems and taught me to bounceback like a rubberband.
Today’s session helped me learn/ understand that we shuld keep calm and overcome problems.


I liked to learn that we must not give up. We must try and try till we succeed. It takes time, but we can achieve our goals. We must believe in ourselves. I like this workshop very much. It was interesting.
I understand that nothing is difficult we can achieve everything.

Shweta Girish Sharma

It was fun and interesting we enjoyed very much.
We learnt that we should build resilience in ourselves. We should bounce back like a rubber band from our problems and just smile.

Vidya Vyas

The thing I liked about this workshop is they made us learn all the things in a fun and easy way.
From this session I understand being negative will never help you in your life always think positive.

Vedika Shetty

The professors were kind understanding, the activities were fun and frolic. The method to teach was nice. Involving the students was amazing.

Panini Damani

I liked everything about the workshop. It was not at all boring for me. I learned a lot of things about being resilient. We got a chance to share or feeling and thought during this workshop. The workshop was a fun.
Today’s session helped me learn/ understand that it is more important to be resilient than being more intelligent.

Varshita Vaan


What I liked about today’s workshop are the fun activities we did and everyone’s enthusiasm towards it. Hat’s off to the workshop!
I learnt that when we are in a problem it is very useful to use our resilience muscles and we have to think of some positive mantras so that we remain calm and we use all our might in solving the arising problem.

Hashir Abbas Shaikh