Our Vision

“To develop individuals who are sensitive and resilient, able to navigate life with compassion, objectivity, and equanimity; and who will always seek to generate solutions to create a healthy and harmonious society.”

Our Mission

“Bombay Cambridge Gurukul schools will provide for students a dynamic learning environment that is reflective, sensitive, and empowering, and is committed to developing excellence in academics and behaviour.”

Our Logo

The Bombay Cambridge Gurukul logo symbolizes the five basic elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. They are the basic substance of all Matter, the Energy that breathes meaning into the Form it assumes. Education is the realization of the true nature of this Form (the self), it's potential to interact with the Environment, and to learn and grow into higher realms of Thought. This describes the phrase - Be Natural Through Social For Spiritual.


Founder Members: From left to Right Mr.Vikram Patel, Mr.Arun Burli and  Mr. Iqbal Khan.

 Bombay Cambridge Gurukul (1988)

Sa vidya ya vimuktaye! 

Education has been present, in some form or the other, on this planet for hundreds of years. Learning has been passed from one generation to another. Their wisdom and experience guide our steps to avoid the mistakes of the past. Yet, what have we achieved? Yes, technological progress has been fantastic. It has impacted every sphere of human life. We are faster! But are we happier?

The human mind continues to struggle with tension, doubt, and discontentment. The physical and psychological environment continues to assault our senses, our emotions, and our thinking. We still deal with the same emotions that have plagued every human since centuries, and continue to do so till today – the emotions of anger, jealousy, anxiety, sorrow, fear. Our actions emerge from this emotion, causing us to hurt others, exploit others, and justify every inhuman act. We have inherited this from our animal ancestors and retained the legacy.
Ancient Indian Education taught us that true education is that which liberates us from the narrowness of our ego, the limitations of our experiences, and the shallowness of our perceptions. A universal education should reduce violence and achieve harmony, free people from ignorance and make each life meaningful. It is only through education that we can develop the awareness that how we act is important and how we think makes all the difference to war and peace.

Education should help us live a life that is inclusive and compassionate, and be aware of our responsibility to this planet. Education should help us comprehend the role we play in the vast design of the Universe, and the beauty of our relationship with it.

 -Vikram Patel