Insight BCG organized Ingenium, the BCG Inter-School Cognitive Challenge, on January 12th, 2019 at the premises of Bombay Cambridge International School, Andheri (East). The event consisted of a series of activities that addressed physical ability, dexterity, aptitude, and mental acumen. 10 educators per school participated in the event.

Teachers were required to be alert and agile, have an analytical bend of mind, and have presence of mind. They needed to work together in a variety of team games and communicate with team members in order to successfully complete their given tasks. Teams were given points based on time, accuracy, and their ability to complete all the tasks assigned to them.

The winning team was

Team Members:

Ms. Rupali Khanderkar Ms. Sabina Lepcha
Ms. Dharti Badkar Ms. Zobar Rizvi
Mr. Harikrishna Kava Ms. Kanchan Vadgama
Ms. Bindu Mastakar Ms. Priya Das
Ms. Joycee Dabre Ms. Ramya Vettath