Topic: 'Building Self-esteem'.
Conducted by - Ms. Mannika Kandhari, Ms. Sanika Naik, Ms. Marilyn Fialho
Participants: Students of Class 8


The workshop was really relatable to real life experiences. I had great confidence to interact because of the positive environment created. It was just really positive. I really felt that the past experiences I had, shouldn’t bother me. I will understand my strengths and improve them. I will surely have a good opinion for the rejections I have had or will have.

-Riya Palkar

The workshop was great. The fun games added more interest in the discussion. I also learnt some of my good and bad qualities. Furthermore, I made some friends who were known to me before but we weren’t ‘friends’.

-Hansi Kelkar

The session was really helpful and gave tips on how to tackle comments, staying positive and never forgetting your value. This will surely help and guide me in the future.

-Soumya Mahale


I found the workshop really interesting and the way teachers talked to us was really polite and I appreciate that. I learnt many things which I think will help me in my further life and got confidence to take part in workshops and even discussions.

-Mahek Dangar

The workshop was amazing. I had never been to such an interactive workshop. The games were very interesting. The negativity in my mind about my friend is now gone and also I guess I am going to change myself through the 3 points.

-Hridhika Nisar

The activities were really fun. They indirectly taught me of how to be positive. Also, one negative point in you does not make you a bad person. Rather than thinking negative, start being positive.

-Prarthi Savla

The workshop helped me to communicate with unknown people and how we judge people too early. I learnt to create a positive energy in friendship with my friends. I learnt how to appreciate other people and bring a positive energy in them.

-Janneya Swarna


The workshop overall, was fantastic! Certain activities and games were really fun. I personally also found the tips and opinions discussed to be really useful to me. Being in an interactive session was pretty good.

- Sharanya


This workshop was fantastic. I was curious to answer the questions here. It gave us an inspiring message for the life time and we are thankful to you for making it interesting. I enjoyed it the most.

- Mahek Trivedi



I found the session to be very interactive. The teachers made us feel included, they interacted with us! I learned many new things about myself. It was a pleasure to attend this workshop. I now understand myself very well.

- Kashish lalwani

This workshop was damn good. I enjoyed a lot. I learnt new things. It was knowledgeable and very nice. I learnt how to face certain situations & how to act on positive & negative feedback.

- Siya Sabnis

This workshop was very interesting. I learned many things such as how to deal with problems, believing in yourself, being kind to people and appreciating them for their good qualities.

- Het Seta



I enjoyed the activities a lot and the information on how we label ourselves as good or bad people. I learnt a lot about how I was de-motivating myself. It was very nice and different from other workshops.

- Tanaya Shivalkar
Std 8-A

This session was made very interesting and fun with several activities with actually had a true meaning. So much of interactions actually put me in the comfort zone.

-Purva Patil
Grade 8

I felt this was quite a great session to get to know about our thoughts and way of thinking. This session taught me how I am unique and how thoughts affect our life style.

-Dhruv suvarna
Grade 8

I was able to clear my doubts and could express myself completely. We got to know about each other. We were given tips and examples to overcome our weaknesses and achieve our goal.

-Vaishnav Ravikumar
Grade 8


It was a great session and it engaged me into thinking about my good and bad qualities. It also gave me ideas about how to boost confidence and helped me to not label myself.


-Gauri Gawde
Grade 8