'Anubhuti' is the name given to the Parent Programmes, the team for which is led by Ms. Sarbani Bhattacharya. Anubhuti is the integration of sensations and perceptions that creates an experience of awareness that goes beyond knowledge, intellect or memory.

The Anubhuti workshops are aimed to building child-sensitive home environments, responsible parenting and generating a healthy and harmonious society.

From the year 2015-16 onwards, Anubhuti conducted a series of workshops with parents on "Together for Child Safety". The 2 hour session was aimed to create awareness about the Protection Of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act, 2012 and the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 and how parents and school can support each other towards keeping children safe.

From 31/07/2015 to date, 11,112 parents have attended this workshop.

Other Workshops Conducted
Event/ Topic
Parents of
Raising a Compassionate child
Raising a Resilient child
Class 3
Family a Unique Relationship
Class 9 with their children

Surviving exams - A Parent's Guide

Class 10

Understanding the Teen Years

Class 9 with their children

Are you raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child
Class 3
Shaping your Child's Personality


Responsible Parenting

Class 6

We have also conducted workshops for parents on Child Safety and Related Laws, Communication in Family, Managing Relationships, Developing Self-Esteem in Children, Building Healthy Families, Raising Compassionate Children.