Winners of

The Inter-School Poetry Writing competition (2017-18)


UniqVerse is a poetry competition for students. The poem had to be their original piece. The competition was open to students from different schools across the city.

Siddhi Rane
Class 9
Seven Isles Cambridge International School-Mulund East
Aastha Vora
Class 9
Savitridevi Hariram Agarwal International School, Kandivali west
Sannidhya Ranade
Class 8
Parle Tilak Vidyalaya ICSE
Special Mention
Gargee Vaze
Class 9
Melodious Magic
Riya Rajput
Class 9
The circle of life

Judges Profiles


Janini Rajashekar
Janini is part of The Poetry Club, Mumbai for little over three years now. She has always been fascinated by the world of words and sounds and believes that poetry can be a perfect confluence of these two. The things she loves most about poetry are its fluidity and its incredible power to touch chords across a diverse audience.

Sakshi Singh
Mumbai based Sakshi Singh is an international journalist and an author. Her articles have appeared in various International publications. Her book Rat-a-tat poems and Jalebi Jingles are available in India and Europe and are being used to teach poetry in schools across India and U.K. Her books are also available in Braille, Spanish and will soon be out in French and other regional and international languages.