Inter-School Poetry Writing competition (2017-18)


UniqVerse is a poetry writting competition. Teachers were allowed to write on any topic of their choice. The poem had to be an original, unpublished piece. They could submit their poems in English or Hindi.

Winners: English Poetry
Ritu Shinghal
Lokhandwala Foundation School
Parul Pandey
Mamta Duseja
Special Mention
Nita Ghule
A bard's dilemma
Anju Mathur
Filters of our mind
Rhea Rodrigues
Bhawana Kathuria
Children's Academy, Malad
Where is heaven on earth
Lopa Ganguli
Children's Academy, Malad


Winners: Hindi Poetry
Rajani Dubey
Rachana Singh
Savitridevi Hariram Agarwal International School
Vartika Agrawal
Joshna Braganza

Profiles of Judges

Vivek Sharma:
Vivek is an engineer by education and a banker by profession. He has been writing poetry for 7 years now, and counts Shakespeare as a distant inspiration. To date, Vivek has written more than 30 sonnets, among other forms. Vivek has conducted several poetry workshops targeted towards both novices and experienced writers.
He has read his work at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and also moderated panel discussions with a few prominent names in contemporary Indian poetry.

Mohinder Pratap Singh:
While he started his career in advertising, he has since moved to writing screenplays and dialogues. He won the Mirchi Kaan award (2010) for Nirma Colour Gaurd [Radio Campaign] and ABCI award (2011) for a corporate film for Mahindra Tractors.
He has written for several serials on various TV channel shows like ZEE TV, SONY TV, STAR TV, to name a few, as well as a few films. He has also written a book called “KATRANE” (2004), which is a collection of two one acts plays, 13 poems and one satire.

Nandita Samanta:
Nandita Samanta is a woman who wears many hats – tri-lingual poet, painter (abstract art), writer (short stories), dancer, and ex-teacher. She writes poetry in English, Hindi and Bengali, and her writing (both poetry and short stories) is published in various international and national anthologies, magazines, webzines, newspapers, and journals. She writes on vivid themes, based on her observations of life, love, ambition, nature, culture, folklore, mythology, etc. Her poems have been aired on international radio channels and translated in 2 – 3 different languages.