From Students:

1. 'Introduction to HRD in Schools': A presentation for students of MA (Industrial Psychology) from University of Mumbai

2. Student Council Project 2016-17

3. 'A Brief -view ': A Workshop for Std. VI Students

From Parents:

1. 'Together for Child Safety': A Seminar creating awareness about abuse, POCSO and how parents and school can support each other.

1. 'Towards your child's future': A Worshop for Parents of Gurukul Kindergarten students

2. 'Are you Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child?': A Workshop for Parents of Std. III Students

3. 'Responsible Parenting': A Workshop for Parents of Std. VI students

4. 'Family - a unique relationship': A Workshop for Parents of Std. IX with their children

5. 'Empowered Women': A Workshop for Mothers

From Educators:

1. 'Life Skills Education (LSE)': A Workshop for Teachers

2. 'Positive Disciplining' : A Workshop for Teachers