Inter-School Science Competition

Super Scientist” the Inter-School Science competition, was conducted by Gurukul Skylights for students of classes 9 and 10. The event was conducted at Dr. S. Radhakrishnan International School, Malad. Students from schools across the city took part in the competition, representing their school.

The students were required to prepare the following 2 models. At the time of demonstration students had to explain the scientific principles or factors on which these models were based.

1. "Rock and Roll": Students had to prepare a path so that a marble could roll down it. They had to ensure that the marble took a long time to reach the end point. The team whose marble took the longest time was the winner.

2. "Pull-ey up your socks": Students had to prepare a working model of a movable pulley. The pulley had to be functional and be able to lift an object of any weight.

The winning team of "Super Scientist 2017" was:

The team members were

  • Naman Damani
  • Jay Kumar
  • Neel Dhapare
  • Mihir Sahoo

The judges for the event were:

Dr. Prasanna Nambiar: Dr. Nambiar is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. In the past, she worked with BOSCH and CII Western Region. Thereafter, she taught in the Mechanical Engineering Dept of VJTI for 21 years. Currently, she is serving as the Principal at Don Bosco Institute of Technology. She is passionate about educating young minds regarding renewable energy, sustainability and Women's empowerment.

Mr. Mandar Patil: Mr. Patil has an experience of 16 years in teaching, administration and management of College activities. He has taught in institutes like Podar International School and Thakur College of Science and Commerce. He has also held the post of Chairperson of Physics Association; and has also been the coordinator for Regional Olympiad Examination. He is currently, working as the Physics Faculty for Advanced Subsidiary in S.V.K.M.’s J.V. Parekh International School. Through his career, he has trained thousands of teachers and students.

Mrs. Kamala Katial: Mrs. Katial has been a teacher of Math and science. Out of her 20+ years of work in the field of education, more than 10 have been as the Principal of Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri West. In this role, she led the school to exceptional academic achievement. Known most for her deep concern for students, there are scores of students who, thanks to her persistence, are now contributing members of society. She was an educator and administrator that everyone at BCG depended on. She retired from active service in 2006, but continues to be an educator and inspire students and staff alike even today.

Thank You so much, judges!

Click here to view a sample of our prize winning trophy for Super Scientist