Inter-School Quiz Competition


Mastermind” the BCG Inter-school quiz competition was conducted by Gurukul Skylights for students from the five schools of Bombay Cambridge Gurukul. The event was conducted at Dr. S. Radhakrishnan International School (Malad). 6 students from class 10 and 3 students from AS and A level represented their school. 

The theme of Mastermind this year was 'Games' (board games).

The quiz for Class 10 students was planned in 2 segments:

Segment 1 had rounds on Science, Geography, Math, Information Technology and a buzzer round on current affairs.

Segment 2 had rounds on Arts, Lifestyle, History, Literature and a prepared rapid fire round on a certain type of sport.

Overall winners of Class-10

Team Members:

Dhruv Jain

Avi Mandavia

Pradyun More

Reshma Nair

Rachana Jadhav

Shriya Krishnan

Winners of Segment 1 Winners of Segment 2

Team Members:

Shreya Pandit

Harsh Deosthali

Smit Shah

Team Members:

Reshma Nair

Rachana Jadhav

Shriya Krishnan




The quiz for AS and A level students had 5 categories. They were: Language/ Literature, Arts and History, Math and IT, Geography and Environment and Current Affairs.

Winners of AS & A Level

Sudev Nambuthiri

Sakshi Gadge

Atharv Ambokar


Click here to view a sample of our prize winning trophy for Student Mastermind

Click here to view photographs of Mastermind 2018-19