Programme Topic: 'Raising a Compassionate Child' conducted by Psychologist - Ms. Sarbani Bhattacharya

Parents of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya, Borivali

The workshop was very informative and helpful. It has left us to think in which direction we are heading and where we are going and how. Wonderful experience!
- Ms. Deepa Goradia

It was deep, thought provoking and good learning. I will like to attend more such sessions and keep the conversation on.
- Mr. Dishant Gosalia

It was a superb workshop. I am thankful to school to conduct such programme for having a better future of my child. I am happy that I have admitted both my children at the right place. I would like to attend more such workshops.
- Ms. Harshna Sejpal

Superb Programme! Very deep thoughts, Good learning, understood that how to tackle problems and take care of our children. Raise children in a good manner so they become good and kind humans. Very helpful programme. , Thank you for conducting this programme.
Ms. Disha Gosalia

Parents of Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri (West)

The workshop was well organised, informative and enlightening. It helped to learn how to deal with the behaviour of the child, make him an independent, compassionate and well behaved person.
- Ms. Sonali

It was indeed very interesting, enriching, informative and knowledgeable as well. The more we parents interact with the child, the better is the development.
- Mrs. Shazia Khan

This workshop is very useful for today’s life. I am very thankful to this school who gives time to such subjects. Thank you very much.
- Ms. Madihaa

Workshop is excellent. Every point regarding good parenting is covered in workshop with examples. I learned about positive parenting and how important is the behaviour of parents in child development.
- Mr. Prashant Singh

Parents of Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri (East)

It was really an eye opener. Many things we do, but we don’t implement many new concepts, on how we can raise our child with love and support for their better future. Today’s session helped to learn that ‘Love’ is everything.
- Ms. Sheetal Gawli

Great and knowledgeable. This session helped to understand that we are surrounded by a lot of negative emotions. We and our children can change this world to a better society. Thanks to the school for this workshop. Looking forward for another session soon.
- Mr. Suresh Joseph

Topic was well explained. It will be very helpful to improve kids and they will grow as good human being. Special thanks to Patel Sir (Chairman) for giving us the key for every relation that is love. I learned and personally feel that we only need to handle everything with ‘love’.
- Ms. Yamini Singh

It was a self-realisation that was much required. Got a lot of things that were new and informative. Today’s session helped me to understand a few things: that love is more important in life, acknowledge, listen and spend time with children; and be their first point of contact.
- Ms. Anita Thombre

It was an eye opener workshop and very effective for us as a parent. It is a very good initiative by the school. I really want more of such sessions. It is very helpful to deal with my child.
- Dr. Prachi
Parents of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya (Malad)

The school’s effort towards conducting such healthy and informative sessions is highly appreciated. Today’s session helped to understand that an individual must be driven by compassion, rather than only reason; one should listen to your heart and not to your head always.
- Ms. Rituu Kejriwal

We enjoyed a lot. As parents we got to know many new and important things to be taught to the child in daily life. It helped to understand that as parents we are only bothered about their academics and tend to forget that children are humans and as parents we should inculcate some good qualities that can help our society and build a brighter future. We should emphasize on building up some wonderful qualities and help them in developing their creativity.
- Ms. Rajshree Mulekar

The workshop was good. Got to learn about lots of things which I was unaware.  Today’s session helped me to learn about how to raise our children with positive attitude and understand child’s psychology and deal with them patiently.
- Ms. Bhavana Bangera

The workshop helped to support the child for his development and needs i.e. basic social and safety needs. This session helped to understand how to behave with the child in family and tackle the problems of child and raise the child in a healthy environment.
- Mr. M.R. Masurkar

The ‘Anubhuti’ workshops are aimed to build child sensitive home environments, responsible parenting and generating a healthy and harmonious society. Today’s session was excellent; it is a better way to explain to parents that even children need to be respected. This type of education is really necessary for our society.
- Ms. Kiran Bhand