Programme Topic: 'Together for Child Safety' conducted by Psychologist - Ms. Sarbani Bhattacharya and Ms. Upasana Saraf

Participants: Parents of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya, Borivali.

Thanks to all teachers, Principal Ma’am and school staff for giving us such good knowledge about sexual abuse among children and teaching us parents, a good lesson with which we can really start from today onwards for our children and their best future.

- Ms. Roshni Sampat

It was a very informative session, which touched upon every aspect of possible, potential child abuse. It was presented in a very simple & lucid manner. Very useful tips were provided about the signs of abuse and possible preventive measures.

- Dr. Kshitij J. Chavan

A real good initiative about child safety! It’s like learning and knowing the possibilities that can happen and be aware of it!

- Mr. Manish Jani

It was a wonderful workshop, good to know about the new laws. We really could understand the new laws just because of the workshop. Also we could understand how we can prevent sexual abuse of our child.

- Ms. Khushboo Shah

Excellent! Learned and understood many important things. The POCSO laws were good and thanks for making me aware of these laws.

- Ms. Sampada

The workshop was very helpful, not only for child’s safety but also for parents. It guides parents to protect their children in every possible way. It is very important in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

- Ms. Jemini K. Fofani

The workshop was superb with very good examples and went straight to our mind and heart. All what was spoken was really good and something which parents really ignore at times.

- Ms. Minal Pednekar

It was very good workshop. Really very knowledgeable!  We need this as we parents are busy in our daily life. Thank you very much for educating us to make our child’s future safe!

- Ms. Roshni Sinha

“Really necessary”! Hope such sessions reach every child’s parents. Requesting you to keep such sessions on a regular basis.

- Mr. Girish Sharma.

The workshop had a great thought, which a parent should understand and apply in real life. This workshop has totally changed our approach towards our child.

- Ms. Nisha Bhimani

Very informative, elaborate at times where needed and at times to the point! Subject matter is very sensitive and it is great to see that the school is encouraging discussions on these topics. Workshops like these help us parents get insights on sensitive issues.

- Ms. Meera Jadhav

Very informative, precise and to the point! Presentation flow was excellent, examples given made the session easily understandable. The workshop gave a very good insight into the topic of child protection policy and the laws associated.

- Ms. Vaishali M. Kulkarni

Workshop was really knowledgeable. Some points were highlighted which we had really ignored. Thanks for bringing such a workshop in our school.

- Ms. Riddhi Lalan

Very informative workshop! Good initiative has been taken to spread awareness among parents. Children are most vulnerable and everyone needs to understand.

- Ms. Rachana Sharma

I guess this is the best effort that school is taking for our children. The school is interested not only about studies but also about the safety of our children.

- Ms. Kajol M. shah

It was a very fabulous and knowledgeable session which I will never forget. I learnt so many things for myself as well as for my child. I thank the school and all teachers and staff for organizing this kind of workshop. I am very proud to be a part of it.

- Ms. Nirali Shah

Excellent! I was not aware about POCSO earlier. This is going to definitely make me alert and help. Very nicely explained!

- Ms. Shilpa

Really an eye opener workshop for parents about all the consequences that can happen with a child! It also guided me as a parent where and how do I deal or tackle with my child. Good experience and it was worth attending the workshop.

- Mr. Sachin Thakkar

I have no words to tell about this workshop. It’s a really heart touching workshop, very helpful and knowledgeable for me and for my family. I will try to give information about this workshop to my relatives, neighbours and friends etc. Thanks a lot to my child’s school ‘Dr. Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya’ to organize this wonderful workshop!

- Ms. Bijal Shah

The program was very informative and extremely detailed, thought provoking and an eye- opener. It helped us in terms of being vigilant and how to deal with certain issues, perhaps happening around us. It also teaches us how to prevent it happening to our near and dear ones. Thank you!

- Ms. Priyalee Nair

The workshop was very good. It helped me in understanding the POCSO Act and the child Protection Act. It has helped me in such a way that I can teach my children how to protect themselves from sexual abuse.

- Ms. Deepali Talehar

The workshop has opened up our minds towards the various Acts applicable to the child and about child rights. Being aware and educating our child about what is sexual abuse, how to identify and make them comfortable to confide with us is the most important thing.

- Ms. Kavita Shetty

It was an excellent session, and I thank the school for such an effort taken by them, along with routine academics and studies.

- Ms. Tasneem Hussain

The workshop was very informative and many facts which we didn’t know or had ignored unknowingly were brought to light. The workshop will definitely help me and my daughter in future. The conductor also made the workshop quite interesting and informative.

- Ms. Priyali Korgaonkar

It was excellent. Got to learn and know much more about Child Sexual abuse. Thanks to the school management who has taken such an effort.

- Ms. Kajal Panchamia

The workshop was very much knowledgeable. I have learnt many things from the workshop. I thank the school management for keeping such eye-opener workshops.

- Ms. Shital Majithia

Excellent, very informative and knowledgeable! True guidance I got from this program; as a working parent there are certain things which I should take care of for my child’s safety.

- Ms. Namrata Bhavsar

Informative session and every individual must know about the rights and laws for children. Much appreciated. Such a wonderful movement in our school!

- Ms. Divya Shylesh

Extremely informative session and necessary at this point in time. Sincere thanks and we wish to thank the school for taking necessary steps in educating both the ward and the parents.

- Mr. Rajesh Shirke

Extremely informative and enlightening! Truly thankful to the school for the efforts taken and having a vision towards children’s welfare!

- Ms. Sheetal Surve

Great workshop! Opened my eyes in order to deal with such situations and great insight from the new introduced law.

- Ms. Krishna Kanani


Participants: Parents of Veer Bhagat Singh Vidyalaya.

This was a very informative and detailed seminar which covered all the topics. A very excellent seminar! I would like to appreciate your efforts and the school for having such a wonderful session, which is the need of the hour in the metro cities and all over India.

- Rajesh. P.

Excellent! Tremendous insight on things we never even thought of. Thank you for reminding us time and again about the safety of our child.

- Anuja Raje

Excellent! Superb! Very informative! The workshop gave a lot of confidence and security in me for my kids.

- Sabiha naik

Excellent! A lot of information was given on the different types of abuses; which we were not aware of and how we as parents should tackle if any such thing happens.

- Manjusha Kangana

It was very helpful. Sexual Abuse we know, but how parents should behave and deal with children, that was helpful for me. Today onwards I will not lose my temper. I want my child to be confident and friendly to me & family.

- Vaidehi Kulkarni

A better way to explain to parents that even children need to be respected. This type of education is really necessary for our society.

- Zarin Bagul

Very helpful and informative! Appreciate that the school is taking this initiative to inform parents about the safety of their child and measures that can be taken.

- Prithvi Shetty

The seminar was informative, legally and socially. We as parents are unaware of our child’s rights. This seminar has provided the information. Keep it up!!

- Smita Kedare

It was eye opener as far as child abuse is concerned! Such programmes should be attended by both father and mother.

- Rajesh Ruke

Very informative and enlightening! Changed my perspective on many things. Thank you very much! Will inform many parents in society.

- Kailash Dubey

Excellent workshop I attended today! Really your workshop makes us aware what is happening in society. We are thankful for this workshop.

- Vishal D. Shinde

The workshop about ‘POCSO’ is very informative and knowledgeable. I got to know about things which are avoidable for child safety and what we can really do to prevent and save our child.

- Dipika Ghadi

Very informative and enlightening! Must say it was a well organized and extremely well presented topic with lot of examples. Keep it up!!

- Yusuf Shaikh

Very informative and useful! It really is very essential to inform and be informed about child abuse. Congratulations for raising it in such a useful way.

- Navin R.

Workshop is very informative. I came to know about POCSO in depth and also about different types of new laws for children applicable in India. I really appreciate the school management for organizing such workshops.

- Surojit S. Ghosh

The workshop conducted on POCSO was excellent! A lot of information was provided about child abuse. Thank you very much for giving this opportunity and arranging such an informative session on this. I would like to thank the school for conducting such sessions.

- Sushmi G.

A very required session for parents’ awareness in relation to today’s exposure of our own kids. The need rightfully noticed by school and initiated awareness sessions for all parents. Sincere “Thanks”.

- Shital S.

It was a wonderful workshop that I never heard about earlier, something which is happening to our children. Now I am aware that we have to listen to our children. Thank you so much for creating this awareness.

- Satyen S.

Highly informative and an eye opener, towards how our daily behaviour impacts kids. WE often feel that as parents we are the best judge for our child; however, our ways might be incorrect at times. Thanks to the school, for taking such an initiative!

- Jyoti Poojary

Knowledgeable, right on the subject, good information on how to analyze child behavior, what are our rights as a parent, how we should protect our child and what needs to be done, if any child is in such a situation.

- Kalpesh Parmar


Participants: Parents of Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri (West).

A must attend workshop! Great work for the welfare of children and awakening for parents. Really felt good, that someone else, apart from parents, are really concerned for our children. Hats off to your team!!

- Sumaiya Kelay

The workshop was extremely informative and enlightening regarding child sexual abuse. We came to know many things about it which were perhaps under the wraps. Looking forward to attending such workshops!

- Swapna Pagnis

The workshop was awesome and quite informative. I have been a part of such sessions in school earlier too; it has helped a lot in my kid’s safety.

- Nafisa


The workshop was very informative. It gave an idea about our children’s rights and what we can do to keep our children safe. It also informed us about how to behave with our children.

- Sharanya Palekar

It is very informative. Got to know about the POCSO law in detail. Also understood how to handle the abused child and how to prevent children from getting abused.

- Shanti Shinde

I feel you raised a very important point on child’s safety. There is a need to address such an important issue at this time. The way you explain and cover the full topic is very knowledgeable. I admire you for your kind effort.

- Arodia Aadil


One of the best awareness programmes about child safety that I attended. It was explained in a marvelous way and covered everything about child abuse and POCSO by the counselor. Thank you Bombay Cambridge Gurukul!

- Deepak.  T

I am really proud that my child is studying in this school. I am feeling relaxed about his safety.

- Nafisa Mansuri

First of all thanks to the school for arranging such a nice session. This session was really helpful to us and thanks for guiding us about POCSO.

- Vinod. G. Tambe

This topic is very important, but often neglected. However, I am extremely happy that our school is conducting such workshops and making parents aware about the same and in turn helping the society. It is now the parents’ responsibility to follow this up which will help to protect their child.

- Vinayak Karardikar

Excellent! The slides and the explanation were worth praising. Things are now understood very well, thanks to the effort taken by the school. It’s highly appreciable.

- Saba Amzad

Was not aware about POCSO but workshop has helped me to know about it. School initiatives and emphasis on such workshops  is really appreciated.

- M.H. Arora

It was really very nice. I came to know about things which I thought was not so important, but after the session I realized its importance.

- Zakir Batliwala

Excellent workshop! It is very impressive that the school is taking so much initiative towards the safety of our children.

- Perpetual Rodrigues

Inputs were very systematically presented. Comprehensive coverage of the topic; Simple and fluent communication; Meaningful and relevant illustrations. Overall, a very good session.

- Dr. Sheetal Choudhari


Participants: Parents of Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri (East).

The workshop was very good……..Excellent! Came to know about different facts….. There were things we thought we knew, but realised through the workshop that we are so very ignorant……Congratulations BCG!

- Meghna Datta

Really an ‘eye opener’ seminar. I have now realized the many drawbacks; we as parents have not paid attention to the things that looks very normal and silly to us, as child abuse. Now will be more aware of things. We are now aware of POCSO and also about the child helpline.

- Kiaan vyas

It was an extremely informative workshop! I was really under the impression that since my child is now 14, he is old enough to take care of himself. The session has opened my eyes. Thank you!

- Asawari Parmar

Really outstanding! I had a fear of child’s safety but today after attending this session I have so much to discuss with my child, to make her know about how to overcome any kind of abuse happening to her or in her surroundings.  The lecture was in such a simple and meaningful way that I think it has made me confident.

- Balwinder Kaur

A very good initiative by the school! As parents we overlook or don’t pay much attention to many minute and important details regarding our children. Their safety is of utmost importance to us and the manner in which the school is serious about our children is commendable.

- Mohammad Uzair

It was helpful to know the steps that the school is taking for the safety of kids. Also, we see to it that our child is safe all the time, but appreciate the suggestions made to us for the same. We will be more alert. Thank you!

- Farooq Pisuwala

Excellent workshop! Lots of things which we parents discount it as ok, is not acceptable because it is a sign of bigger danger.

- Tasneem. N. Abbas

Excellent workshop! Very informative and a great relief to all parents and children. A great achievement and tremendous efforts by all the people involved. Heartiest thanks!

- Disha Pai

A must attend for all parents, especially of the pre-primary and primary. We usually take things for granted. Got good insight and personal learning from the workshop. Thanks for arranging it.

- Aryan Nair

Today’s workshop was very much informative. I learnt many things about child abuse which we cannot even imagine. The workshop was very much cognitive. I am very much thankful to BCG for conducting this workshop.

- Nanda Andhari

Thank you POCSO, Thank you Madam. The session held was indeed informative and the awareness amongst us is now of prime importance. This workshop has given us the courage to safeguard our children, other children and the surroundings.
Making a difference – Thank you Anubhuti!

- Sheldon Bayross

Very happy that school has taken an initiative in bringing up this topic and discussing it. A very informative and educative topic! I am sure it will help us and our children.

- Prajakta Kalekar

Excellent efforts by BCG, a very informative session which provided deeper insight into abuse faced by our kids and how to safeguard. I am glad as parents we are implementing some of the suggestions already and can now educate and create awareness with other parents besides our kids.

- Vinod Warrior

The workshop was very informative and an eye opener in many aspects. I appreciate the efforts undertaken by the school authorities. Such initiatives should be continued. Human beings have a tendency to forget.

- Sunder Sherry

School has done a good job by organising such a knowledgeable seminar and it helps us to understand what we should teach to our kids and how to make them understand about abuse.

- Prankti Yadav

The workshop is wonderfully designed we are very happy that our school is putting so much effort to give parents the information about bringing up our children.

- Sweta mehta

The workshop was very helpful in understanding the hazards the kids will face outside, which they and we parents are ignorant about. It has helped in understanding that we should be more careful in all situations  and help the kids understand that too.

- Rashmi Sanjay


Participants: Parents of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya, Malad.

The workshop was very informative and well conducted. This is a very sensitive topic and was very well dealt with. We as parents also find it difficult to speak on such topics sometimes.

- Mrs. Alka Singh

Thank you for taking out the time to make us aware of these laws. Will try and work towards being a better parent and a responsible adult.

- Mrs. Vidya

It was very useful for me to know about the law POCSO as we were not aware about it. It will help for future reference. This workshop cleared much confusion about protecting children.

- Mrs. Akshaya Lorekar

It was very informative; it was an eye opener about parents’ responsibilities. As a parent I can be rest assured that my child is safe at BCG and is being mentored and guided in the right direction.

- Mr. Anand V. Nayak

A very good initiative by the school! It was a learning experience in how to tackle issues related to child safety and how to guide children to speak about any abuse faced by them.

- Mrs. Heena Desai.

Very educating! Really a good awareness program! These are the things which we know but tend to neglect in the daily routine. This session gives a conscious shock and made me more alert. Commendable initiative by school! Thank you so much!

- Mrs. Kavita Bhatt

Feeling very nice to have attended this kind of workshop! It made us aware of laws like POCSO and other laws which can help in the future.

- Mr. Ashish Dodia.

The child safety workshop was very helpful as it helped us to learn and teach our child regarding his safety at home, in public and in school.

- Mr. Prashant Korgaonkar

Every second was worth it! I have learnt many things from this workshop which I never thought could happen to our kids.

- Mrs. Pranjali Ghadigaonkar

Very well conducted! It was very informative. Content to know that our children are being handled in a very careful environment.

- Mrs. Sonia Arora


Extremely helpful program. POCSO and Juvenile Act, both help in protecting child not only in safety, but also in education and other facilities, a child has to get.

- Mrs. Sandhya Ramachandra