BCG Inter-School Creative Writing competition (2017-18)

Insight BCG organized Narratives, a creative writing competition. This was an online competition.
Teachers had to submit their entry, writing on any one of the topics listed below. The write-up had to be their original piece.

1. A story with 2 characters - 1 historical and 1 fictional

2. A story set in a college canteen, with 'soap' as the object in focus


1. An essay on the topic - Brand BCG

2. An essay on The BCG motto - Be Natural, Through Social, For Spiritual

Entries were invited for essays and stories in both English and Hindi.

A list of winners is presented below.



Nita Ghule



Manjinder Jaffri


Rajni Thanvi

Profile of the Judges

Srilatha Srikanth
Srilatha’s background is that of Sociology and Psychology. She has been working with Prafulta Psychological Services for the past 14 years. She started contributing light pieces to magazines, more as a hobby. Some of her initial pieces were published more than 25 years ago in publications like The Sunday Observer and Femina. Lately, her experiences as a counselling psychologist have compelled her to take up writing seriously. She often writes on social media, using them as a way to reach out to a number of people to create awareness about mental health issues. Some of her articles have been featured in Education Times as well as the Midday Publications.

Aditi Mukherjee
Aditi is currently a Senior Research Scientist at the Language Technology Research Centre, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. Her background is in English and Linguistics and she holds a PhD in Linguistics. She has a long history with work with English language, having taught it at the college level since 1969, and then moved on to head departments and consult with various organizations, dealing with linguistics. Her love of the English language and her focus on using it to accurately convey meaning is evident in her long and continued association of work related to it.

Kamala Katial
Mrs. Katial has worked in the field of education, both as a teacher and administrator. Out of her 20+ years of work in the field of education, more than 10 have been as the Principal of Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri West. In this role, she led the school to exceptional academic achievement. While her background is in Math and Science, her keen interest in reading meant that she could involve herself with staff and students alike, no matter what the area in focus. Katial ma’am retired from active service in 2006, but continues to be an educator and inspire students and staff alike even today.

Thank You so much, judges!