Programme Topic: 'Developing your child's self-esteem' conducted by Psychologist - Ms. Sarbani Bhattacharya

Parents of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya, Borivali

This session has given us a reason to introspect our dealing with children, and the points to consider to empower their self esteem and confidence.
- Mr. Sumedh Bhurke

‘Self Esteem’ is a very important word and developing it requires team work. This workshop has given a lot insight in dealing with our children and how valued they can feel and make difference in life. It also created awareness about the importance of love and care for the child and the family system where child can grow holistically. I am very thankful to Bombay Cambridge Gurukul for conducting such valuable workshop.
- Ms. Namrata Bhavsar

This workshop was an eye opener for us as a parents and this will help us to deal with our child in a much better and effective way. The best part of this workshop was that it was a very interactive session. Nice to see parents sharing their thoughts and feelings in an open forum.
- Mr. Prajwal S. Kumar

The workshop ‘Developing child’s Self Esteem’ was really helpful. Though we are aware of most of the things, at times we tend to just take things for granted. We forget to organise or channelize our attitude towards upbringing of the child, this kind of workshop brings us back on our route and helps us to open up with children and their own new world. Thanks a lot!
- Ms. Krishna Tushar

Wow!! An excellent experience and has put me into a soul searching mode. Learnings taken from this session are applicable not only to our children but to all our relationships. So thank you so much for this experience.
- Ms. Uma V. Naik

A big thank you to all of you for organising such workshop! Assumptions are not always correct. Today I learnt many things which I need to implement. I think this workshop will not only help me improve my son but also myself as a mother. Your valuable guidelines I will try to follow and try to become the best parent for my son and I think I will get best result after 8-10 years.
- Ms. Chaya Mankane

Very useful session!   As a parent, we always need to be patient and keep on doing our job as a parent by trying to be their role model. Our school has organised such workshops from time to time on different topics and all are really very good. Thank you and I will surely try to implement the suggestions.
- Ms. Supriya Sagare

Amazing workshop! Waiting for more many such workshops!  This is not only going to help me in guiding and establishing my child’s self esteem, but personally also it is going to help me. Thank you to school for arranging such workshops.
- Ms. Rohini P. Karonjker