Curricular materials include

  1. Worksheets for students of all three sections
  2. The School Diary (customized for each section and academic year)
  3. Progress Report and Grade Cards
  4. Map Books for students of Std. 9 & 10 to practice map skills, based on Maharashtra State Board Curriculum
  5. Alphabet and Number practice notebooks for Kindergarten students
  6. AV presentations created on demand for specific topics/subjects
  7. Sourcing/compiling of reference material for specific topics/subjects as required by Central Academic Council Members or teachers
  8. Any other curricular material as requested by the CEO

Non-curricular material
A school has a life of its own, and is home to the life of hundreds of students with numerous activities, that require participation, appreciation and recognition. CEDP services are available to Bombay Cambridge Schools for the designing and execution of these materials.
Some examples of non-curricular material are:

  1. Class of 20#, a yearbook-like compilation that is given by the schools as a farewell gift to students of Class 10. It carries messages (from the Head of school, other staff, friends), photographs, achievements and other trivia that keep the memories of school life alive.
  2. Certificates for school and inter BCG events and competitions
  3. Stationery- On demand designing of stationery, publicity or other material for the schools. E.g. visiting cards, letter-heads for school and school administrators
  4. Design and technical support for specific HRD projects

New this academic year -

  1. Activity Calendars for students– a four monthly wall calendar for students, that helps be prepared for forthcoming activities, with additional space to fill in as they go through the year.
  2. Alphabet worksheets with folder for Prep 1 students, to encourage recognition and prewriting skills.