From left to right: Ms. Monica Bhatia, Ms. Poonam Arora, Ms. Meenakshi Kilpady,
Ms. Manisha Arondekar, Ms. Savita, Ms. Upasana Saraf, Ms. Achama Mathew



The Core Committee of the Bombay Cambridge Gurukul believes that schools must have a sense of purpose and a conscious responsibility to the future. The Core Committee engages deeply into the true meaning and purpose of Education, the translation of the mission and vision into actual practice, and the growth and development of the Bombay Cambridge Gurukul as an influence in world education.
Leaders in the field of school Education, Management and Psychology, the members of the Core Committee deliberate on curricular matters, teacher development, parent and student welfare, while reviewing and framing policies that ensure the school environment remains child-centric and sensitive.
Headed by the Chairman Mr. Vikram Patel, the Core Committee comprises of:
Ms. Achama Mathew, CEO (Chief Education Officer)
Ms. Savita Venkat, Principal (Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri East)
Ms. Monica Bhatia, Principal (Veer Bhagat Singh Vidyalaya)
Ms. Poonam Arora, Principal (Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri West)
Ms. Meenakshi Kilpady, Principal (Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya, Malad)
Ms. Manisha Arondekar, Principal (Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya, Borivali)
Ms. Upasana Saraf, Head-Human Resource Development