Inter-School Art and Craft Competition

Impressions” the Inter-School Art and Craft competition, was conducted by Gurukul Skylights for students of classes 6 and 7. The event was conducted at Dr. S. Radhakrishnan International School, Borivali. Students from schools across the city took part in the competition, representing their school. The competition had the following categories:

1. Complete the scene - Participants were provided with paper and two cut-outs of figures. They had to draw and colour an outdoor scene and stick the cut-outs in the scene. The cut-outs also had to be coloured. They had to complete this task in 3 hours.

2. Zentangles - Participants were provided with paper and an outline of a shape on it. They had to fill that shape with different Zentangle patterns. They had to complete this task in 3 hours.

3. Collage - Participants had to prepare a collage of an outdoor scene. They were given art and craft material to use for this task. They had 3 hours to complete their work.

A list of winners for Impressions 2017-18 is presented below:

Complete the scene

Riddhi Nishar

Mahesh Sharma

Aleena Khan

Special Mention
Hamza Shaikh

Sakshi Yerunkar

Sharanya Shylesh

Kasturi Galke
Maitri Vira

Manasvi Narkar
Pruthvi Vishwasrao
Tanaya Shivalkar
Yukta Bangera

Profiles of Judges

Mr. Ashley Fialho: "An Architect by training…, a teacher by calling…. and a child at heart"….is how Mr. Ashley describes himself. He says that architecture has taught him that most problems can be solved by observing, listening, and applying the right amount of effort and common sense in the appropriate direction. Teaching has taught him how to refine those ideals, through patience and perseverance in guiding students through intense and challenging coursework. 

Ms. Sandhya Shevade: Ms. Sandhya has a bachelor degree in commercial arts from Delhi college of Arts. After working for Doordarshan, Sandhya started teaching art. Later, she continued with art as a freelancer besides doing some work in the animation industry. Right now Sandhya is engaged in her own E-commerce business of making unique handcrafted lampshades.

Ms. Adrita Das: Ms. Adrita is visual artist-illustrator currently based in Bombay. Her interests lie in re-using archived imagery, religious scriptures and vintage Bollywood posters from South Asia. This led her to start the series 'Gods Taking Selfies' (Indian deities engaging in divine activities) in 2015 which has now expanded to include GIFs and animated visuals. She recently started doing live video mixing for electronic artists in the city such as Malfnktion, Chhabb, Smokey.

Thank You so much, judges!

Click here to view a sample of our prize winning trophy for Student Impressions (Art)

Click here to view a sample of our prize winning trophy for Student Impressions (Craft)