Department of Human Resource Development

The Department of HRD which provides services for personal and professional growth for educators, students, parents and school admin was introduced in BCG in the year 1995. The Chairman, Mr. Vikram Patel, felt that if education had to be a humanistic process, then people involved in it, needed to be sensitized and prepared for continuous learning. The HRD department was established to study and plan for the needs of the system and its people to create a healthy school environment.

Most actions are guided by beliefs, values and feelings that are shaped by the socio-cultural context of its time. In a world where change is a constant, there is an indisputable obligation in education to match its pace, and instruct students appropriately. School staff must continually renew their thinking and expectations of student learning and behaviour. What was at premium a decade ago is obsolete today.
With educational policies shifting globally, there is a pressing need for educators and school Heads to keep up with information and research. It also needs support from parents and the participation of teachers. The Department of HRD devises innovative platforms to urge parents, educators and administrators to go beyond the limits of their experience and identify elements of social change to successfully deal with the responsibility of guiding the new generation.

The school’s vision and mission statements share one simple reality: they become incitements for action and they act as catalysts. The department of HRD promotes awareness and invites healthy dialogue between all stakeholders of the system, to align their actions and plans towards a common goal. Deviating from the traditional HRD model of the corporate industry, the team operates from a commitment to the belief and values of the organization, and views its key function as developing a synergy amongst all its people that motivates, innovates and appreciates.

The HRD team provides workshops and organizes training platforms for educators, counselors and special educators, parents, students, and other peripheral functionaries of the school system. They also offer and share their expertise with other schools and colleges, professional bodies, as well as the social community.

Tel No's: 022-61149093