Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the admission process? 

The schools will announce dates for distribution of admission and application form. For primary and secondary classes, inquiries can be made in March; admissions for pre-primary and A levels can be made in September. These are usually posted on the school website. Alternately, you can also call the school and get details related to this.
If the child meets the requisite criteria, the admission kit will be issued to the parent. Once the parent fills and submits the application form, they will be called for a one-on one interaction with the school authorities/ school heads.

The parent can then pay the fees and collect the relevant material.

2. Does the school provide transport?

We have outsourced our transportation facilities and students' safety is ensured by conducting constant checks on their arrival location and timings. The staff is oriented on how to handle students appropriately. There are CCTV cameras and first aid boxes in the buses as well as female personnel.

3. What teaching method does the school follow?

  • At Kindergarten level, the curriculum is implemented using the EYFS and play-way method and includes consciously planned activities for physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. 
  • At Primary level, the curriculum is implemented using the Competency/Constructivist based approach which actively involves the learners in the teaching-learning process and focuses on mastery over a concept.
  • At Secondary level, the curriculum is implemented using the Learning-centred method for secondary-school education which focuses on skills and practices that enable lifelong learning and independent problem-solving.

The academic  program is supported by carefully planned and professionally designed evaluations that provide necessary information for teacher and parent, with no stress for the student.
       The learning programme includes:

  • Activities, field trips and study tours that provide first-hand experience and practical learning for concept development.
  • Specially designed worksheets and SMART-Boards are used in order to develop cognitive skills and concepts in the core subjects.
  • Fine and gross motor skills are developed through PE, art, craft, and dance.
  • Music is taught for the dual benefit of language development and expression, as well as musical appreciation.
  • Open access to library books provides opportunity for recreational reading & language building.
  • Social emotional development is achieved through our SELC programme (K-10) which includes personal safety and life skills education programmes, a variety of Enrichment activities, career awareness sessions, inter-house and inter-school activities. It also includes activities related to environmental awareness and civic responsibility.
  • Event days with 100% participation develop self confidence, skills for elocution, team work, and inter-personal skills.
  • Expert sessions are held to address issues of relevant to students today.
  • Counselling and special education services are provided for students.

4. Are involvements and achivements outside academics encouraged and supported?

Yes. We believe in excellence in academics as well as in behaviour. We offer various co-curricular subjects integrated into the learner’s time-table and have various activities to build confidence in our learners and promote all-round development. We encourage and fully support our learners to pursue any interest they may have outside of academics. In addition to this, we constantly work on developing the 4 core values of sensitivity, reason, courage and integrity, in all our students.

5. What are the security provisions in school?

We have a Child Protection Policy that guides behaviour on campus to ensure students feel safe, respected, and cared for. Every staff member is aware and trained to understand and respond to children appropriately, ensuring there is no compromise in safety standards for students. All visitors to the school are screened and issued an ID. The school security is well-trained and medical facilities are accessible.

6. Do you provide meals?

Our schools have canteens that offer wholesome food prepared in hygienic conditions.

7. What are some of the enrichment activities for students?

  • Crescendo: It involves performances by students in the fields of music, dance, elocution, drama, singing and arts. The students also learn about backstage work, co-ordination, team work, and choreography.
  • Momentum: The event is held to help students hone their physical skills, build stamina, and enjoy various sports activities. We train our students to be well prepared and demonstrate the sportsman spirit.
  • Effervescence: The school exhibition is alternated with fun-fairs which allow parents to interact with students and view their learning practically.
  • Student Council: To bring about a sense of belonging for the school with other students and generate potential leaders for society.
  • Inter-house competitions: These help develop and recognise the various talents and abilities of the students.
  • External exams and competitions: They provide exposure and build confidence in students to show their talents, and test their skills and learning against their peers in the city and country.

8. Are there facilities for parents?

We encourage interaction and collaboration from parents in our endeavour to provide the best for the child. Various opportunities are provided for parents like interaction days, open house, access days, among others to understand the school and provide their inputs as well.

9. What are the unique features of your schools?

  • 100% participation: We are proud to say that each and every student of our school gets an opportunity to participate in the various annual events of the school.
  • No exams and competitions: We encourage stress-free education and do not promote/ have exams and competitions till the child reaches 10 years of age.
  • Child Protection Policy: We have a Child Protection Policy to ensure the safety and well-being of each and every child in the school.
  • In-house training: LeAD, a unit set up by the Management offers workshops and training for students, teachers and parents on a variety of topics that include knowledge, skill and attitude-based training.
  • The BCG Centre for Educational Design and Publishing (CEDP): The centre designs and publishes both curricular content and other print media, used by the schools. The Centre has staff that consists of Content Coordinators in the varied subject areas and Design Coordinators who work on the design and layout of the material.
  • School Climate: Our students describe the climate/ environment of the school as being safe and positive where they are able to grow and feel happy.
  • Lighter School Bags: Our children do not have to carry heavy books to school. We have a worksheet system where they only have to carry the worksheet that is required there-by making the load of school bags much lighter.

10. What subjects do you offer in the IGCSE board?

The subjects offered in IGCSE include:

  • English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics,
  • ICT,
  • Economics,
  • Accounts,
  • Business Studies,
  • French (offered at Bombay Cambridge International School, Andheri East),
  • Hindi (offered at Dr. S. Radhakrishnan International School, Malad) and
  • Geography.

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11. How do you maintain teacher quality?

We have a low turnover and therefore have a well-qualified and experienced teacher workforce. We make sure that our staff undergo both curricular training and training in managing student behaviour and issues from time to time. We also have various welfare activities for staff to attract and retain talent in our organization.

12. How does the school promote excellence in academics?

We have various facilities for students such as:

1. Computer Laboratory: We were one of the first institutions to introduce 'Information and Communications Technology' as a core subject right from the primary section in the year 1989 itself. Each of our five schools has a well-equipped computer laboratory with various softwares and internet browsing facility. Students are encouraged to learn, create, explore, simulate, investigate and present their views in a virtual world.

2. Science Laboratories: BCG schools have modern labs to ensure that every student strengthens his/ her knowledge of theory with ‘hands on’ practicals to assimilate the learning. Students have access to a:

  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Biology Lab

Each of the labs are well-equipped with the required tools, models, projects and charts as stated by the Cambridge International Examinations curriculum / SSC guidelines for science practicals. Online presentations and explanations can be accessed with the provision of an interactive board in the laboratories.

3. School Library: Children who read are more likely to get better grades; they are creative and imaginative, comprehend ideas faster, have better concentration, develop a vast vocabulary, as well as have a richer emotional life. They tend to be sensitive and demonstrate greater sense of social responsibility. Our school libraries have books for all students across Prep to Grade 10, catering to all genres and interests of readers. Covering a wide range of subjects in fact and fiction, we consider it a priority to build in children, a love and respect for books that will last them a lifetime.

4. SMART Classrooms: Our classrooms are spacious, brightly coloured, well-lit and Wi-Fi enabled; they are equipped with Smart Boards connected to the internet which help the students and teachers explore beyond the classrooms and give an experience of World Class teaching. Latest software is available to aid learning both for students and teachers. 
Our motto says: "I see, I forget. I hear, I remember. I do, I understand". We encourage our learners to learn by doing.

We also have assessment plans in place to evaluate student learning and make necessary interventions in case of any concerns.

15. What are your academic results like?

We are proud to say that our students perform exceedingly well at both SSC and IGCSE examinations. Our highest aggregate in SSC to date is 99.64% and IGCSE is 96.40%.

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